KoinWorks Commits to Give a Proper Education About Fintech to the Public

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KoinWorks Commits to Give a Proper Education About Fintech to the Public The Head of Communication of KoinWorks, Aldion Sianturi (left) together with The Communication Strategist of KoinWorks, Valtala Leifyumna. (PHOTO: Joe/ TIMES Indonesia)

TIMESJATIM, KUPANGKoinWorks is a financial technology (fintech) platform in Indonesia which already has the official license from the Financial Service Authority (OJK). KoinTech commits to give Indonesian people a proper education and minimize the possibility of the illegal practice of fintech.

As stated by Aldion Sianturi, the Head of Communication of KoinWorks, Wednesday (26/2/2020) in Swiss Belinn Kristal, Kupang.

In 2017, KoinWorks was a peer-to-peer lending platform which meets benefactors or creditors with those who needs money for certain purpose through KoinWorks’ platform.

In 2019, KoinWorks got a rebranding into a financial multi-service provider platform Aplikasi Super Keuangan, whose purpose was to fulfill the needs of the financial service of Indonesian people.

According to Aldion, based on the data by the end of 2019, the users of KoinWorks reaches 370,000. From that number, about 250,000 users are investors or creditors, while the rest are debtors.

East Nusa Tenggara is one of the ten regions with most KoinWorks users. The users of KoinWorks in East Nusa Tenggara is 5 percent of all KoinWorks users in Indonesia.

“Public enthusiasm towards KoinWorks shows that people are interested in fintech, but there is still a possibility where certain people will disagree with the use of fintech. It is very important to purchase a chosen fintech before they can join with other users,” says Aldion.

Aldion also explained the importance of teaching fintech to the public. KoinWorks is now available in Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara to give proper knowledge to prevent illegal fintech practice.

“Everyone knows about fintech, but people are still afraid of their bill number will be exposed to the public through media social via other data which might be written on the bill. Fintech with the license from OJK will keep their users’ confidential safe,” as explained by Aldion.

The number of debtors in KoinWorks is still low, which becomes a challenge for KoinWorks to educate even more people and make them understand the importance of KoinWorks.

“This far, people only know about KoinWorks only from digital applications, therefore KoinWorks tries a new approach through direct dialogue with the public, so more people will know the importance of KoinWorks,” says Aldion.

Meanwhile, Valtala Leifyumna, the Communication Strategist of KoinWorks confirms that KoinWorks guarantees the security for both the debtors and creditors to minimize loss possibility.

“We have prepared protection for our KoinWorks users so they can postpone the repayment of their loans. We will also conduct a total reconstruction so all loan and repayment affairs can be cleared as soon as possible,” said Valtala. (*)

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