Is It Safe to Exercise Outside of Your House?

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Is It Safe to Exercise Outside of Your House? Illustration: jogging. (Photo: iStock)

TIMESJATIM, JAKARTA – Some people who doesn't have enough room at their house to exercise tend to do their exercise outside of their house. But, related to the coronavirus issue, the question which arise will be is it safe to do the exercise outside?

Well, some area are declared as a red zone for the pandemic. If you living in this area, we suggest you to not doing your exercise outside and just do simple exercise at home.

But if you stay at the yellow or green zone of the pandemic, you might have the option to do your exercise outside of your house.

"Exercise and keep your body stay healthy is the most important things to do to face this kind of virus," Professor Jonas Schmidt-Chanasit said on DW.

However, if you happened to live in yellow or green zone, and keep doing your exercise outside you better be careful and aware of the situation.

A virologist of Hamburg said that you need to never touch anything that been touch by other people. You also need to always put hand sanitizer in your pocket in case you need it.

After finishing your exercise, don't forget to wash your hand, face or any other exposed skin with soap before you enter your house.

But, if you have to stay at home and doing your exercise, you could choose yoga, aerobic, push up, sit up, weight lifting or doing some house chores that will make you sweating. (*)

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