Osteoporosis Could Struck You if You Lack of Exercise

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Osteoporosis Could Struck You if You Lack of Exercise Video (FOTO: Glutera.com)

TIMESJATIM, JAKARTAOsteoporosis is a common condition that occurs in most older people between age of 50 to 80. Yet, recently this disease has also struck the younger people. How come?

Well, being active is one of the way to maintain out bones health. Yet, the pandemic and self quarantine time has made us have less activities or exercise.

Spending much time sitting or just tossing your body in your bed could be one the cause why younger people could easily be struck by this disease.

This was supported by a research published on Journal of Physical Therapy Science. It says that your body mass index, physical activity, calcium intake, and lifestyle are the most crucial things that support your bone health.

The journal also said that exercise could prevent osteoporosis struck either the elder or youngsters. Doing more exercise or any physical activity could give a positive impact for your bone health.

Mayo Clinic says that you could an exercise start by doing a simple one such as, walk your dog, jogging, or stretching. For those time, you could run around your house or walk around it to do these exercise.

Make sure you also consume more vitamin and nutrients that needed by your bones such as collagen, Vitamin C, D, and K, calcium, Omega 3, Glucosamine, Magnesiumand kalium. Remember, your lifestyle decide when will you get an Osteoporosis. (*)

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