Coban Rambat, A Beautiful Waterfall of Trengggalek

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Coban Rambat, A Beautiful Waterfall of Trengggalek The beauty of Coban Rambat, Trenggalek. (PHOTO:

TIMESJATIM, TRENGGALEK – For you who love to to travel and enjoy natural scenery, Coban Rambat a beautiful waterfall of Trenggalek could be your best alternative to spend your day off.

Coban literally is a local language means waterfall, and rambat means vine. So the Coban Rambat could be said as the vine waterfall.

Located in Dompyong village, Bendungan, District of Trenggalek, the waterfall has such an enchanting scenery around it.

It has a beautiful crystal clear water that will tempt you to just taste it to get away from drought. There are lots of huge black stone under the waterfall which makes the scenery looks more exotic.

Lots of pine trees stand tall around the waterfall and birds chirping like it was a heaven on earth. You could also spot wild flowers here and there makes the waterfall look even more astonishing.

In addition, the local government tried to facilitate the the visitors with several spot for your selfie. There are also some shade and benches to rest after walking for several minutes.

"Coban Rambat (Vine Waterfall) has an amazing scenery. It's a perfect place to visit during the weekend," Akbar, a local visitor of Trenggalek said on Tuesday (25/2/2020). (*)

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